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Why Us
At Treasured Little Ones Daycare Alicia will be offering all the benefits that all licensed home daycares in Castle Rock should offer!  Your treasured little one will receive far more one-on-one interaction than they would otherwise receive at a larger center.  Also unlike large commercial daycares in Castle Rock  where children are grouped by age, your child will get to interact with a mixed-age group, which is closer to a family environment and will make your child more comfortable around both older and younger children.  This type of environment is also perfect for an only child because they will be able to experience sibling like relationships with children of different ages.

Treasured Little Ones Daycare provides a clean and safe environment for your child(ren) to play and learn.  Alicia's home is equipped with safety locks on cabinets, safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs, cordless blinds, protective outlet covers, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, video and sound monitors for nap time and is also a no smoking home.

You will also be well informed about your child's time at the day care.  Each day Alicia will provide you with a summary of what your child did that day so that you are kept updated on their daily activities as well as what they ate and what their mood was like.  Also your child will often be taking home art projects they've done or home copies of a story or song they learned that day so they can share it with you!